Rick and Christine’s Bio


Rick and Christine Kelley are both pastors and biblical counselors. They are committed to continuing to build their relationship with God. Their calling has been to provide support to church leaders with their every day struggles. Our church leaders are always there for us, supporting, encouraging, praying, and guiding us. We have been led to give back the same love and attention our church leaders give everyday.

Rick and Christine speak with church leaders around the country and provide them with useful tools and resources. Weather it is personal, members issues, leadership transition, or just someone to confide in. We provide a trusting relationship, with anonymity and confidentiality. 

God created everyone is his perfect image. No matter what the world tells you God tells us that we are special to him, each one of us have a unique talent and reason. You are beautiful, you are important, and you are loved.

Our primary goal is to provide support for church leadership of all denominations of Christian faith a safe and loving environment to share and express their joys and sorrows. We provide pastor one on one attention as well as Pastor conventions around the country that uplifts and provides resources for their individual and personal needs.

Tell us your story…we will listen!

Living In His Image Ministries