God, why…

Why can’t I find a close friend who I can trust and just be myself?

Why am I so sensitive to what people say?

Why do they say such hurtful things about our family?

Why are my children so unhappy and under stress?

Why is there constant tension in my marriage?

Why can’t I help my husband?

Why do other ministries grow but not ours?

Why are we  always struggling financially?

Why is there no support system for the pastor’s wife?


Ladies, we can help you in two ways

1. COUNSELING:  Our counselors can provide the support and an immediate solution.

Our counselors bring many years of ministry experience and pastoral counseling to the practice.  This is a major factor, because ministry experience and insight is an indispensable part of the applying the Scriptures to the unique challenges of a pastor’s family.

In addition, what comes with ministry experience is the unique empathy that the counselors bring.  They went through the ministry pain, and so they are uniquely able to empathize with the pain of the pastor’s family.

From pain to purpose:  solving the pain-problem is only part of the journey.  The goal is to rediscover the greater purpose of God’s calling.

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2.  Our online communities can provide the fellowship, resources, and services for you.

We provide both a public and private community.

We have a special pastors wives community just for you.

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