And to thrive in each chapter requires living in His image


The many challenges of a PK (pastor’s kid) 

Feeling the pressures to behave better than the other kids

Being compared to higher achieving kids

Being left of out of social events

Losing friends when they leave the church

Having to start over when there is a ministry transition

Feeling the pressure to have faith in the midst of doubts

Trying to avoid leadership positions when they are not interested

Dealing with emotional scars when people say hurtful things

Unable to trust people because of many betrayals

Wanting to leave the faith and looking for the opportunity

Adopting a new religion and trying to make peace with the family

Marrying an unbeliever and living with tension


The many life-chapter challenges for the pastor and wife

The young pastor family and the fresh dreams that become a bad dream

The aging pastor family still searching for ministry success

The midlife pastor family becoming jaded and spiritually exhausted

The midlife pastor family having members who left the faith

The midlife pastor family tempted by divorce

The older pastor family in transition and unable to find a ministry position


Our family services come to you in two ways

1. COUNSELING:  Our counselors can provide the support and an immediate solution.

Our counselors bring many years of ministry experience and pastoral counseling to the practice.  This is a major factor, because ministry experience and insight is an indispensable part of the applying the Scriptures to the unique challenges of a pastor’s family.

In addition, what comes with ministry experience is the unique empathy that the counselors bring.  They went through the ministry pain, and so they are uniquely able to empathize with the pain of the pastor’s family.

From pain to purpose:  solving the pain-problem is only part of the journey.  The goal is to rediscover the greater purpose of God’s calling.

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2.  Our online communities can provide the fellowship, resources, and services for you.

We provide both a public and private community

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