Why choose our ministry for your counseling needs?

  •  We use video counseling to create realistic and convenient opportunities

Video counseling, telephone, and social media can be done anywhere and on any device to create one on one personal and confidential sessions. Gone are the days when you were limited to your own town where there might not be a true biblical counseling service. This is the new reality of connecting with a true biblical counselor with no geographical limitations.

Our counseling provides major advantages. For example, for the busy young parents, it provides a counseling opportunity at home when the children are sleeping.  For the interim preacher, full time pastor,  or bi-vocational minster, we provide a counseling opportunity when he/she is on the road or in between work. For the seminary or secular student, we provide a counseling opportunity that will fit their classroom schedule..

  •  Our counselors are uniquely qualified to counsel the pastor and his family.

Our counselors bring many years of ministry and pastoral counseling experience to the practice. This is a important factor, because they can identify with your unique struggles and dilemmas and offer scriptural insight and application. Each counselor can bring empathy, wisdom, and personal experience to assist you in accomplishing your goals and outcomes.

  •  Our counselors practice true biblical counseling. 

The truth is that not all Christian counseling is the same, nor is it distinctively Christian.  Our counsel is biblically based with a full understanding of body, mind, and spirit interaction.

The pastor and his family should be mindful of the different methodologies and seek counseling that is truly based on the scriptures.  Because, the end goal is to be more like Christ-like, and to fulfill the purpose and destiny God has for each person.  This is accomplished when the scriptures are made central to counseling.


From pain to purpose: solving the pain-problem is only part of the journey. The goal is to rediscover the greater purpose of God’s calling.

Tell us your story…we will listen!

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